Long-Term Asset Protection

Melbourne Painters has a scheduled and systematic approach in providing preventive and proactive maintenance.

Long-Term Asset Protection

Melbourne Painters has a scheduled and systematic approach in providing preventive and proactive maintenance.

Long-Term Asset Protection

Melbourne Painters has a scheduled and systematic approach in providing preventive and proactive maintenance.


Receive peace of mind knowing you are being looked after by a highly qualified expert

We offer tailor made solutions based on your projects needs

We have been verified by the EBIX trades monitor, meaning we are fully licensed and insured

We’re covered by public liability insurance of up to $20 million

Our team always follows OHS regulations

All work carried out by us complies with the Australian standard code: AS/NZ 2311.2017


At Austracoat all our estimators are experts in all aspects of the coating industry so you can be sure there will be no hidden surprises. Our experts carefully inspect every project on our initial on-site inspection and estimation and provide detailed quotes in accordance to the client’s scope of work.


Once we have the go ahead our planning experts will take care of everything. This means we will organise access equipment quote, arrange all required permits, liaise with neighbours, colour designer and other authorities. We then schedule the project so our staff and yours are aware of every step of the way.


We guarantee our work will last for 15 years. We achieve this by using ultra-premium paints and products, following Australian code of Standard AS/NZ 2311.2017 and setting up a long-term asset protection plan. The Austracoat management team have 150 years of combined collective experience.


Melbourne's Leading Commercial & Industrial Painting Company

Austracoat - Commercial Painters Melbourne main mission is to provide sustainable coating solutions to protect your assets and structures. Our Commercial Painting team have years of collective experience in managing commercial painting projects of any size or complexity.Whether you are painting a new warehouse, a hospital or renovating your office we are there to bring your vision to life, using the best coatings for your needs, the latest solutions to your problems and making sure to stay within your cost estimates.Our industrial, commercial and multi-site residential divisions are highly specialized in their fields with many years of collective experience, making them invaluable and extremely effective.


Whether you have a small office building, warehouse, hotel, corner café, pub, hospital, school, or multi-site residential facility, we have the expert team of interior commercial painters to brighten up your area. Our professionals will bring to life the vision you have in mind. We use only ultra-premium paints including Dulux, International Paints, Nutech, and Wattyl to ensure the quality you deserve. We minimize disturbances to your workplace because we know that your work is important. You will not lose production time because of Austracoat’s interior commercial painters.

We cover up all furnishings and floors and use only state-of-the-art equipment to minimize dust and debris that may result. We prepare all surfaces thoroughly, applying proper primers and undercoats to assure a smooth and lasting result. Finishes we use look good and help assure that the gloss or sheen we have given you stays for years to come. We give your interior commercial painting project the attention it deserves. It matters to you so it matters to us.

We work within your budget and our set timeframe. When we are finished, we clean up and leave nothing behind except your exquisitely new painted surfaces. Austracoat’s interior commercial painters will make your business a brighter, more enjoyable place to be.


When your commercial building needs refreshing looks, let the expert exterior commercial painters at Austracoat bring that to your business. Our knowledgeable and experienced management team will detail a plan tailored to your specific requirements. Whatever project you can envision, we can produce. Our highly-trained exterior commercial painters have years of combined experience and can easily maneuver around any ornate or specially designed structures or fixtures you have.

We do all the behind-the-scenes work as well, coordinating with power authorities and obtaining permits if necessary, providing platforms and scaffolding, and creating and maintaining a safe work environment per OHS regulations at all times.

Because we know how your building looks is an important factor in how your business succeeds, we treat it as the most important job there is that we have to do. Our exterior commercial painters will properly prepare and treat all surfaces before we start painting and apply any finishes necessary afterward to make the project perfect.

We use only ultra-premium products and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the work we do will last long after we are done. And when we’re done you will have no reminders that we were there except for your freshly painted structure that will be an inviting and enjoyable place to see.

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Remember that the way a business looks inside and outside shapes the perception people have of a company. Austracoat’s team can meet all of your business needs. We provide the best service with minimal possible disruption to your business. We finish our jobs on time every time. We at Austracoat know that your business is important to you and your customers and as so we will have your business up and running in no time. We offer painting services for brand new building development and repainting of refurbished buildings for hotels, educational facilities, shopping centres, office complexes and retail centres. We understand that a lot of of these projects must be completed during school holidays, weekends, public holidays and outside operating hours.


When it comes to Industrial painting Austracoat has the right stuff! Industrial painting is a highly specialized sector and we have the right people, experience and tools for the job. We are experienced in all aspects of surface preparation, protective coatings and on-site abrasive blasting. We can undertake a complete range of coating systems, from basic protective coatings to long term epoxies, polyurethanes and glass filled


We at Austracoat have a systematic approach for long term maintenance of all our projects. At completion austracoat will carry out regular inspections and monitor closely to discover any defects or damages. After all inspections we will provide you with a detailed report prioritising any work requiring to be done most urgently. Colour schedules, product details and sheen levels get stored in our online cloud-base folders to ensure all maintenance work match original finishes. Thanks to our professional management, your projects will stay within the established time and cost framework. You want the best for your project and we can help it succeed.


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